• #OperationSong Tom Spooner

    In his song “The Cry of the Wounded,” Army Veteran Tom Spooner reflects on his struggles with PTSD and offers hope to others.

  • Lubbock VA celebrates first newborn of 2022

    Amarillo VA’s Women Veterans program celebrated their first newborn baby in 2022 during a celebration with the family at the Lubbock clinic.

  • Army Veteran with Multiple Sclerosis teaches kids archery

    Veteran Scott Cleland does not let his Multiple Sclerosis keep him from teaching archery to students. “Say yes to good opportunities.”

  • Veterans Justice Program outreach specialist helps incarcerated Veterans

    Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist coordinates with justice systems to help justice-involved Veterans in local courts and jails.

  • Shilo Harris: Triumph in tragedy

    Army Veteran Shilo Harris became an inspirational speaker, sharing his triumph over an IED explosion and becoming the first person to participate in extracellular stem cell regeneration.

  • On Valentine’s Day, World War II Veteran, 96, reflects on love, life and combat

    World War II Veteran has been an accomplished physician, state and federal congressman and author. His biggest supporter, his wife Luella.

  • A caregiver’s letter to her fellow caregivers

    Lou Anne Bates is the caregiver for her husband, an […]

  • VA helps Army Veteran find stable housing, medical care

    From working with surface-to-air missiles to sleeping in his car, Army Veteran found help, health care and a home thanks to VA services.

  • Hawaii honors Veteran, 91, for a lifetime of service

    Hawaiian VIPs among those honoring Army Veteran Dr. John Henry Felix for a lifetime of service for others.

  • Face of InnoVAtion: David K. Dunning

    Face of InnoVAtion is a regular series focusing on VA employees working to change and save Veteran lives. This month, meet David Dunning.

  • Homeless man has his own apartment after she asked, “Are you a Veteran?”

    A VA peer support specialist asked a homeless man if he was a Veteran. Days later, he was enrolled in VA health care and in his own apartment.

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Three women Veterans

    What experiences do women have when the get their health care at VA? Hear what three women think and why they get their care through VA.

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