• VA dietitian offers heart-healthy choices for Valentines Day

    Before you buy a box of chocolates to celebrate Valentine’s Day read the label. Choose dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa and avoid chocolates processed with alkali and added sugar.

  • VA dietitian offers healthy eating tips for the workplace

    All foods can responsibly fit into a healthy diet by making smart choices most of the time. Our bodies will be able to handle an occasional treat.

  • VA dietitian offers tips on turning a salad into a complete meal

    The most common mistakes are too many high-calorie or high-fat additions and not enough healthy carbohydrates or lean proteins to make the salad filling enough for a meal.

  • VA dietitian: During National Nutrition Month, savor the flavor of eating right

    Through cooking you can sample foods and experience new flavors. This March, try new meal and snack choices by trying a new fruit or vegetable.

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