• Coronavirus: Be informed and call your provider if symptoms develop

    Talk of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is everywhere. Here’s what you should know and do to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. If you have symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath, please call your local VA medical center and select the option to speak to a nurse before visiting the facility. Tell them about your symptoms and any recent travel.

  • Veterans under 50 need flu shots, too

    Over 640,000 people were hospitalized last year for the flu. The shot is not only for children and older adults. Veterans under 50 also need a flu shot. Here’s some the tips to help prevent the flu.

  • Dallas VA Stand Down gives hand up to 400 homeless Veterans

    Clothing, shoes and hygiene supplies were available at Texas Stand Down. Homeless Veterans also had their blood pressure checked, got a flu shot and a free haircut courtesy of a local barber academy.

  • How VA uses innovation to fight flu

    From Sep. 26 to Oct. 25, Central Arkansas VA nurses administered more than 1,250 drive up flu shots to Veterans, all part of an innovative approach to meeting the needs of Veterans through convenience, technology, ease of navigation and Veteran satisfaction.

  • Discount for Veterans, free Flu shots at Walgreens on Veterans Day weekend

    Veterans and their families receive 20% off Walgreens purchases November 8-11. Walgreens also offers free flu shots to Veteran enrolled in VA health care.

  • Free flu shots for Veterans at your local Walgreens

    Free flu shots are available now at Walgreens for Veterans enrolled in VA health care. Free flu shots for Veterans are also available at VA sites of care.

  • Why it is so important for Veterans and their families to get their flu shot and other vaccines

    There are several million reasons we remind Veterans to get their flu shot every year. Make that appointment today!

  • Veterans: It’s still not too late to get your flu shot

    Veterans enrolled in VA health care are eligible for a no-cost flu shot at any of the over 8,000 Walgreens nation-wide in addition to local VA health care facilities.

  • VA and Walgreens team up to fight influenza by providing no cost flu shots

    Veterans who are currently enrolled in VA care may walk into any of the over 8,000 Walgreens nationally and the Duane Reade pharmacies in the New York metropolitan area to receive a vaccination at no cost.

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