• Top Veteran tweets of 2014

    This year, @DeptVetAffairs on Twitter gained 50,000 followers, tweeted more […]

  • Top Veteran Instagram pictures of 2014

    Instagram is VA’s newest digital platform and it serves to […]

  • Veterans celebrate Christmas in every clime and place

    Veterans from all generations are connected by selfless service, sacrifice […]

  • Veterans share what it’s like to be deployed for Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends […]

  • Americans are Viewing Veterans All Wrong

    According to a recent survey, when shown a photo of a man that appears to be homeless, one third of respondents label him as having a mental health issue. Nearly one in five believe that he has a criminal past. And, in the second most popular response—after the 87-percent of people who identify the man as homeless—almost half of respondents label the homeless-looking person as a military veteran. Those who assume that a homeless man is a veteran are wrong nine times out of ten.

  • Team RWB carries Old Glory across America

    Team Red White & Blue completed its’ first Old Glory […]

  • How federal and other agencies are #HonoringVets today

    Throughout our history, America has been protected by those who […]

  • #HonoringVets Graphic Design Contest

    Recently we asked Veterans through our social media channels to […]

  • Team Red White & Blue opens Firebase Tampa, Florida

    Founded in 2010, Team Red White & Blue has more than […]

  • VA to accept Fry Scholarship applications beginning November 3

    VA will begin accepting applications by mail beginning Nov. 3 […]

  • More than a soldiers home

    Freelance filmmaker When I'm at White River Junction Veterans Affairs Medical Center and I look around, I see happy employees and happy patients. I see smiling caregivers who spend time with their patients.

  • VA, partners provide education benefits for surviving spouses, children of fallen servicemembers

    While hundreds of millions of dollars in private scholarships and […]

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