• Navy Vet David Grant loves today’s VA. The old VA? Not so much.

    Navy Veteran David Grant: “I came into the VA system years ago and I’ve seen the growth. Anything I can do to bring more Veterans into the hospital is what I’ll do.”

  • Once depressed, Veteran living his best life with support from VA Whole Health

    Depressed Navy Veteran found Whole Health which made life easier. VA gave him the help he needed to get back to living his best life.

  • “Iron-woman” Navy Veteran finds inner strength

    Navy Veteran finished her Ironman Triathlon. She didn’t expect her body to shut down. Runners will understand the drama at the finish line.

  • Alaska Navy Veteran finds help for PTSD at VA

    Alaska Navy Veteran works hard to better his mental health with VA tools to help him handle his PTSD. Asking for help is a sign of strength.

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Charles

    Navy Veteran Charles served in World War II. He came to VA after his eyesight began failing. The staff at the VISOR Center helped Charles continue living independently, despite his condition.

  • Hope floats: Veterans launch boat they built

    Veterans in VA’s recreation therapy program built a Caravelle skiff, a rowing and sailing dory-skiff. They worked on it for 1½ years as part of outpatient therapy. “The camaraderie is outstanding.”

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Navy Veteran Dick

    Navy Veteran Dick got a second lease on life when his VA doctor helped him to lose almost a hundred pounds. Now, back to an active, healthy lifestyle, he credits VA with the win.

  • Harvey Milk: Honor, courage and commitment

    Enshrined in the Navy Core Values Charter are honor, courage and commitment. Navy Veteran Harvey Milk upheld each of those values as he advanced gay rights.

  • Navy submarine Veteran describes life with multiple sclerosis

    Navy Veteran Frank Helenberger was diagnosed with MS while working as a firefighter and paramedic. He describes the onset of the condition in precise detail. And how he is dealing with it today.

  • Navy Veteran: “I never wanted to talk about what happened.”

    After Michael Corso joined the Navy, he gained confidence in himself through his job … and also socially. But when a friendship went terribly wrong, it changed him forever. Here’s how VA helped.

  • Navy Veteran’s efforts to engage Veterans in advance care planning

    Jennifer Vedral-Baron was a nurse in the Navy for 30 years. Today, she is using her experience to support and encourage other Veterans to express and document their wishes in an advance care directive.

  • Eight unclaimed Veterans laid to rest with honors in Texas

    Six Army Veterans, one Navy Veteran and one Coast Guard Veteran whose remains were never claimed by family or friends received a proper burial at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery May 7.

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