• VA stands with Veterans to reduce racial disparities in prostate cancer screenings

    Across the U.S., Black men are disproportionally diagnosed with prostate cancer and are more likely to die from the disease than their white counterparts.

  • A Veteran’s Call to Action: Take Charge, Know Your Risk for Prostate Cancer

    VA teamed up with the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) to encourage men (and their families) to better understand prostate cancer risk and taking proactive measures to protect their health.

  • VA pathologist created scoring system that predicts aggressiveness of prostate cancer

    Dr. Donald Gleason, who served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, devised the scoring system in the 1960s while working at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System.

  • VA scientists race to determine effectiveness of prostate cancer drug for COVID-19 patients

    VA researchers will be testing the prostate cancer drug degarelix for treating nearly 200 COVID-19 patients at VA medical centers.

  • Report: Black and white Veterans with prostate cancer report similar outcomes

    A new study funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense found similar survival rates among black and white patients with prostate cancer receiving care at VA.

  • Learn more about precision oncology for Veterans with prostate cancer

    Hear the latest on treating prostate cancer. Check out a Feb. 24 lecture, online or in person at VA headquarters, on precision oncology for Veterans.

  • VA, Prostate Cancer Foundation seek solutions for aggressive prostate cancer

    A partnership between VA and the Prostate Cancer Foundation is speeding the development of treatments and cures for Veterans with aggressive—or metastatic—prostate cancer through precision oncology.

  • VA research: Leap forward in precision cancer care

    APOLLO is a complex acronym for a data collection project with an important goal: individualized cancer treatment. VA is working with federal partners in largely unprecedented cancer research.

  • Prostate cancer options for Veterans – for one VA doctor, it’s personal

    Dr. Stacy Loeb decided to help treat Veterans with prostate cancer when her grandfather was diagnosed with the disease. Her research is helping to determine the best treatment options.

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