• Vets First Podcast S:2 E:8: Exploring treatment of PTSD, headache, depression through brain stimulation: Wave Neuro and TMS

    In this episode, podcast hosts Levi Sowers and Brandon Rea dive into Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, a treatment for depression, PTSD, and headache.

  • Vets First Podcast S:2 E:7: Perseverance through care, routine

    Episode seven of Vets First Podcast discusses studies on functional impairment and depression in Veterans and Veteran suicide factors.

  • Health equity podcast episode 3 – Racism and its effects on health in Veterans

    Explore how racism and discrimination can impact Veterans’ health in this episode of Veterans equity podcast: Leave No Veteran Behind.

  • Borne the Battle #264: Veteran Roundtable – Afghanistan Withdrawal / Evacuation

    Approximately four months have passed since the Afghanistan withdrawal. Since then, Veterans across the country have grappled with figuring out what the withdrawal means to them.

  • VA’s PRIDE program – this week’s Veteran health equity podcast

    Explore how VA’s PRIDE program has expanded in this health equity podcast. An Army combat Veteran of 28 years shares her transgender story.

  • Vets First Podcast S:2 E:6: The ongoing battle: Josh Marino, Rob Otto share about PTSD, depression, suicide

    In episode six, podcast hosts Levi Sowers and Brandon Rea interview two Vets to talk about mental health issues, including TBI and PTSD.

  • Vets First Podcast S:2 E:5: Learning about drug use disorders from origin to treatment

    In the fifth episode of season two of Vets First Podcast, hosts Levi Sowers and Brandon Rea discuss drug use disorders from origin to treatment.

  • Borne the Battle #263: Marine Veteran Kelly Murphy, Winner of Tough as Nails Season One, Model for Ariat International

    When Marine Corps Veteran Kelly Murphy began an Instagram account to document his workouts, he never dreamed that it would lead him to becoming the winner of CBS’ "Tough as Nails" competition show. He left the set $200,000 dollars richer and the owner of a brand-new Ford F-150.

  • Vets First Podcast S:2 E:4: Two candid discussions about drug use disorders

    In this episode of Vets First Podcast, hosts Levi Sowers and Brandon Rea discuss drug use disorders with two recovered Army Veterans.

  • Borne the Battle #262: Air Force Veteran DJ Vanas, Best-Selling Author of Finding Your Warrior Spirit

    D.J. Vanas travels around the country speaking at conventions packed with audience members, giving motivational presentations that teach people how to find the unique warrior spirit deeply embedded within them.

  • Vets First Podcast S:2 E:3: Aiding vision-impaired Veterans through experience

    Keith Queen, Visual Impairments coordinator at the Iowa City VA, aids vision-impaired Veterans using his own life experience.

  • TAC Talks S2 #1: The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

    The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Parts 13 and 15 require Contracting Officers to purchase goods and services from responsible sources at a fair and reasonable price. Meaning, a price that a prudent businessperson would pay for an item or service under competitive market conditions and reasonable knowledge of the marketplace. This is done for every contract action through a number of proposal analysis techniques and procedures defined by regulation, which are documented through written evidence to support that the price is fair and reasonable. This is particularly important, and required, in Government Contracting because we are stewards of taxpayer dollars.

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