• VA researcher questions whether opioid medications are better than non-opioid drugs to treat long-term back and knee pain

    VA is conducting a multi-site trial to test approaches aimed at improving non-opioid pain management while reducing opioid doses in patients with persistent pain.

  • Iowa study aims to help Veterans with TBI struggling with migraines, light sensitivity

    Researchers are using a combination of genetic manipulation and light to target specific brain regions that they believe are involved in triggering post-traumatic headaches.

  • VA researchers have made amazing discoveries

    Research Week celebrates the accomplishments of VA research, which for more than 90 years has been improving the lives of Veterans and all Americans through health care discovery and innovation.

  • InnoVAtion to implementation: VA celebrates National VA Research Week 2018

    VA will celebrate 93 years of improving the lives of Veterans and other Americans through the department’s health research and research programs during National VA Research Week held May 14-18.

  • Colorado VA researcher discusses the challenges living with chronic pain

    It's important to continue to improve Veterans' access to a full range of treatments to continue to improve the quality of evidence that guides VA's approach to multimodal pain care.

  • VA’s Dr. Ann McKee recognized for her concussion research on TIME’S list of 100 Most Influential People

    A board-certified neurologist and neuropathologist, Dr. Ann McKee has published more than 70 percent of the world’s cases of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, an ongoing disease that alters brain function.

  • Muscling in on muscle loss: VA team seeks new ways to detect, treat sarcopenia

    Strength training and good nutrition can help prevent sarcopenia, which is the gradual drop in muscle mass, strength and function that comes with aging.

  • Can older Veterans with TBIs benefit from mobile game apps?

    One VA researcher is studying on whether video-game-like apps can help improve cognitive health in older Veterans with traumatic brain injury.

  • 41 VA medical centers to participate in landmark study to test relationship between diabetes and heart health

    Veterans with Type 2 diabetes and elevated triglycerides have an increased risk for cardiac events and may be eligible to participate in a new study that aims to reduce this risk. 

  • Female Veterans comprise fastest-growing segment of homeless Veteran population

    VA researchers studying the underlying issues, delivery of services and prevention of homelessness

  • VA study shows that close-range blast exposure affects cognitive functioning

    The study found that impairment in memory could not be explained by the number of symptomatic concussions an individual sustained over his/her lifetime and was, instead, driven largely by close exposure to a blast.

  • VA study shows that rocking chairs can help Veterans overcome addiction

    Who says therapy has to be complicated? Perhaps an effective tool for treatment and recovery could be something as simple as, say … a rocking chair.

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