On March 2, 2022, the Southeast Louisiana VA welcomed retired Army Veteran Nicholas N. Chronis, his wife, Sondra, and daughter, Suzanne Rogers, as its 500th Fisher House guests.

Chronis and his family traveled from Charleston, South Carolina, to participate in an expanded clinical trial.

At the Fisher House, Veterans and their families stay free of charge. The accommodations include 16 suites, a gourmet kitchen, dining room, family room, library and laundry facilities. It is available to eligible families of Veterans receiving care at the medical center or nearby community hospitals.

The Fisher House was donated by the Fisher House Foundation and Friends of the Fisher House of Southern Louisiana.

“Fisher House has been a great pleasure.”

“I had to leave Charleston to come to New Orleans for the treatment. This is the only place that treatment is given,” said Chronis. “We have a series of these treatments that will be ongoing between now in the middle of summer. We hope to be able to be blessed again with the use of Fisher House if we have to come back to New Orleans. It’s been a great pleasure.”

A Fisher House creates an instant community for its residents, united by their common mission of supporting a sick or injured loved one, but also provides individuals with a secure and private refuge after a long day at the hospital to rest and recharge.

Army Veteran Nicholas N. Chronis, wife Sondra and daughter Suzanne Rogers – 500th Fisher House guests

Another Veteran family, Gwen Myers-Thomas and Hazel Myers, have stayed at at the New Orleans Fisher House several times since its opening. Their brother, Jerry D. Myers, an Army Veteran, receives on-going health care at the New Orleans VA.

“The Fisher House saved us hundreds of dollars and so much stress.”

The Myers family travels approximately 160 miles from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and back for scheduled appointments. Before learning about the Fisher House, the Myers family stayed at nearby hotels in New Orleans

“We spent hundreds of dollars on hotels, parking and food so that we could stay in town and be near our brother before learning about the Fisher House,” said Hazel Myers. “The Fisher House saved us hundreds of dollars and so much stress. Overall, the Fisher House gets a five-star rating from our family. All areas of the facility – bedrooms, baths, kitchen, laundry room, dining room and great room – are comfortable and well-appointed with state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, the house provides a relaxing environment to return to after spending the day at the hospital with our brother.”

Since the first guest, the Fisher House has hosted over 300 families and 500 guests, saving them more than $300,000 in lodging costs.

“Our Fisher House has been a success because of the generosity of the community, including the Fisher House Foundation and the Friends of the Fisher House of Southern Louisiana,” said Medical Center Director Fernando Rivera. “Our dedicated VA staff members help integrate the house with the many other services we provide. They ensure Veterans and families feel welcome at each stay.”

For more information, visit the Fisher House webpage.

By Anthony Kevin Harris Jr. is a Navy Veteran and public affairs specialist at the Southeast Louisiana VA

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Published on Apr. 9, 2022

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