President Ronald Reagan’s proclamation in April 1984 established Military Spouse Day. “Throughout the years, as the numbers of our married men and women in uniform have grown and as their military missions have become more complex and dispersed, their spouses have made countless personal sacrifices to support the Armed Forces,” he said.

Each year on the Friday before Mother’s Day, the nation celebrates Military Spouse Appreciation Day. On this day, we recognize the sacrifice of military spouses who support their active-duty service members throughout their military careers.

Kansas City VA acknowledged military spouses with a simple yet meaningful gesture: carnations and cards for Veteran spouses.

Navy Gold-Star wife Stephanie Tuley-Fuson organized this year’s event. “Honor has no beginning or end,”  she said. “Being a Gold Star spouse, the appreciation I was able to give other spouses is something I will remember forever. Working with our Veterans each day is the best legacy I can provide, as well as supporting spouses and caregivers to push through the hard times.”

“Holding the family together while loved one was away.”

In addition to flowers and appreciation cards, the Caregiver Support Program provided resources and small gifts to recognize the amazing care that military spouses give our Veterans as caregivers.

Medical Center Director Jean Gurga said, “Kansas City VA is honored to recognize our Military Spouses. As we know, many Veterans experience challenges returning to civilian life and have long-term health implications. The challenges that each Veteran faces are shared by their family. Our military family members served also. They oftentimes served as single parents and heads of household holding the family together while their loved one was away.”

Veteran spouses are often highly involved in the health care planning of our Veterans. Kansas City VA is honored to partner with and celebrate these heroes. Military spouses are appreciated on this day and every day.

By Calista Brown is a Navy Veteran and marketing specialist at Kansas City VA

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Published on May. 26, 2022

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