VA joins Veterans and their families in celebration of Thanksgiving 2022. VA medical centers and staff across America are marking the day with special events, ceremonies and stories of thanksgiving.

400 turkeys distributed

G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VA distributed 400 turkeys during its Drive-Thru Food Pantry event held Nov. 19, according to Camille S. Weston, acting chief, Communications and Experience Office.

New Crisis Line number interview

Eastern Colorado VA participated in an interview Nov. 21 on 9NEWS to discuss “Veteran Holiday Triggers and the new 988 Crisis Line number.”  Ben Kremer, suicide prevention coordinator, was interviewed.

Veteran with VA staff who found his hearing aid

Veteran Michael Glueck and the VA staff who found his hearing aid

Grateful for the treasure in the trash

This is almost a needle-in-a-haystack story. It’s about a Veteran who lost his new hearing aid and is very thankful VA staff came to the rescue… digging through the trash at the Cape Girardeau VA.

And just like one of those high tech movies, they found it by following a Bluetooth signal.

VA audiologist Trent Essner: “Housekeeping got their elbows dirty and got in there to help the Veteran find his hearing aid. I’m glad they called me.” Veteran Michael Glueck, who lost his hearing aid said “It was awesome. I am so grateful and can’t say enough good things about them.”

In the photo, with Glueck is the team who helped him find his hearing aid. Pictured: (from left) audiologist Dr. Trent Essner, housekeeping aides Minnie Hillman and Angela Osborn and lead housekeeping aide Chuck Schiwitz.

The unique story made the evening news.

Army Veteran thankful for a nurse in a bar

Man playing piano in VA lobby

“We all know him throughout the hospital. He just gives you a good feeling.”

The late Army Veteran Frank Steinberg was thankful a nurse found him in a bar right before his scheduled surgery. Wilkes-Barre VA public affairs specialist John Baloga is “thankful he was able to tell me his story.” John wrote a colorful story on Facebook about Steinberg, including how a surgeon saved his arm in WWII, how he married that nurse and worked for VA for 42 years.

Full Thanksgiving meals delivered to 475 Veterans

Nicole Payne of the Tennessee Valley VA joined a local community charity to help deliver dinners. “Each Veteran will get a frozen turkey. They will also get a bag full of sides: beans, corn, potatoes, stuffing. All the goodies.”

Cleveland VA’s very own ‘Piano Man’

Navy Veteran Paul Holbert: “I’m grateful to be working here at VA. I love coming up here every day and helping out the Veterans.” His story was featured on the local news.

Happy Thanksgiving from VA!

By Hans Petersen

VHA NEWS editor and Air Force Veteran

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Published on Nov. 24, 2022

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  1. Durango DeCarlo November 24, 2022 at 5:22 pm - Reply

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at the VA and thank each of you for the good care you give this old man !

  2. Joe November 24, 2022 at 12:41 pm - Reply

    Thanks va for giving experimental
    Drugs n lie to me about it
    Till I had 2 strokes n put in to s coma
    It Ben 21 years n you screwed me out of my claims for it just got last
    Screw you letter on it this we
    N thank refusing to give me care for the past 12years till I have no ss check n am seeing in a house whith no heat hardly no food
    The VA is the shtys care in the use it just where the dumascrapps dump there trash for there welfare check to screw us vet’s fjb n the va

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