Graphic Map of USABefore you get frustrated with me asking that question, let me explain. One thing I learned in recruiting was to ask questions that told you more about a person’s intentions. Without wasting a lot of time, recruiters are often able to identify potential prospects that are interested in working for our company. I think we can all agree that the military is not for everyone. A few well-placed questions and listening well to the responses, tell a recruiter if someone is a “warm” candidate and worth the large amount of time needed to recruit someone.

The same is true for VA. Many people say they want to work for VA, but do they really? Let’s test that theory.

Which is more important to you, working for VA, or staying in your current location?

So many people want to work for VA, but many place restrictions on that desire that limit their opportunities. I have mentioned in previous blogs that I started with VA in New Orleans in 2008. That was when New Orleans was still recovering from hurricane Katrina and not as attractive a location to relocate to. I was living in the great state of Texas (smile), but I found a great opportunity for me elsewhere. Being a Solider, relocating was nothing new for me so it was a no-brainer.

Case in point, I just received an update of a former navy corpsman that will be moving to Albuquerque, NM, who took a position as a new ER Intermediate Care Technician. Some may not see that as a great place to live, but being a frequent visitor to that city and a “Lovington Wildcat”, I can tell you the Mexican food and Balloon Fest cannot be beat. See, this young man cared more about working for the VA, than he did about ideal location.

Any day of the week, I can find positions on VA Careers in most occupations somewhere in the USA. When we think nationally about VA, there are simply more jobs available, making the odds of being hired, that much better.

Recent Nurse Grads, non-health care professionals and those without strong experience or education are not only limited in a job search, but at VA as well. That is why we all need to be life long learners. Always growing and always improving our resume, skills and education will serve us throughout our lives and careers. 

Experienced Licensed Health Care Providers have many opportunities to choose from and VA is but one opportunity.  Even so, placing limitations on a job search will decrease choices, no matter the reason. That is why VA values every employee that chooses to serve at VA and makes accommodations to serve  Veterans.

So, no matter your location or occupational skill, search and find your next hometown today!

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Published on Oct. 18, 2012

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