The Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks will host a special event for women Veterans on Thursday, Dec. 6.

The event is called “Tags to Pearls: Women Veterans Night Out.” It’s an opportunity to share in the celebration of women Veterans and learn more about the services provide for female Veterans.

The free event is focusing on women who have served or are currently serving in the military and their families. The evening will include door prizes, music, photo booth and tours of the Women’s Clinic.

“This is an exciting time to be involved in such an important movement in the history of the VA.”

Area community partners will attend and a special announcement honoring women Veterans will be made during the event.

Veteran Carrie Guarino, pictured above, is very active at the medical center and volunteers with many committees and projects.

Army Veteran Rachel Morgan from Springfield, Mo.

Army Veteran Rachel Morgan from Springfield, Missouri.

Roseanne Harris, Women’s Health Program manager, explains, “At the Tags to Pearls event, we will be getting the word out to active duty women military service members, Veterans, and the community that the Veterans Administration [sic] culture is changing.

“These changes are more family friendly, inclusive of all Veterans, provide information on comprehensive women’s health primary care services and gender specific services.

“For example, all primary care providers and nurses are in the process of women’s health training through a partnership with the Office of Rural Health. This is an exciting time and opportunity for us to be involved in such an important movement in the history of the VA. We need to be ready for the 33 percent increase in women Veterans using VA services within the next year.

“At Tags to Pearls, we have tables for Veteran Health Care System of the Ozarks services. We have also partnered with the Library of a Congress to provide information about the Veteran History Project by helping them fill gaps in women military history.

“There will be something for everyone: photo booth for kids, sign up for women’s only kayaking event, tours to the Women’s Clinic and a special announcement that is sure to engage more women Veterans as partners in care.

“I am continually inspired by all our staff and volunteers working together to make these positive changes a reality.”

Army Veteran Shannon Tilley from Springfield, MO.

Army Veteran Shannon Tilley from Springfield, MO.

Interim Medical Center Director Amy Huycke adds:

“We are very pleased to offer our first ever after-hours events specifically for Women Veterans and their families. Women Veterans are our fastest growing population at Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks and ensuring we are giving them the best possible care is a top priority.

“We are grateful to have a supportive community joining us in this event, and hope that women who served in the military and are not enrolled in VA will consider enrolling.”

About the author: Wanda Shull is the public affairs specialist at the Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks.

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Published on Nov. 29, 2018

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