VA’s cutting-edge health care solutions conveniently deliver care. Through virtual visits, scheduling tools, mobile apps and more, health care is at your fingertips.

To share the inside scoop on these innovative technologies and how they are incorporated into Veteran care, VA and Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) recently co-hosted an #ExploreVA Facebook Live event.

“For Veterans, the ability to connect with their health care teams and VA has completely changed in the era of the internet,” says Dr. Neil Evans, Chief Officer for VHA’s Office of Connected Care. Dr. Evans and Dustin Sanderson, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Program Manager at Team RWB, discussed tools that many Veterans may not know about, but should.

They touched on My HealtheVet, VA’s patient portal that lets Veterans communicate securely with their care team, refill prescriptions, download VA medical records and keep track of upcoming appointments, all online. They also gave details about mobile apps, telehealth and VEText, a mobile solution to remind Veterans via text of upcoming appointments.

“We have a whole suite of mobile applications Veterans can use to connect and help manage their health care at home,” Dr. Evans explains. “And then telehealth…. where we’re able to bring actual health care to Veterans closer to their homes or even in their homes, for example through a video visit.”

VA representatives responded to questions following the conversation and Veterans were directed to to learn more about and enroll in VA health care. Online representatives also provided helpful links to virtual tools.

Text reads: Using My HealtheVet, you can refill VA prescriptions, track appointments, communicate securely with your health care team and mores. Get started by visiting:

Screenshot: Text reads - The VA App Store Mental Health Suite offers apps to augment care or to help Veterans with mindfulness, stress reduction and resillience-building techniques. Visit the the VA App Store for more information.

If you missed this event, check out some of the highlights below.

Veterans wanted to know how to meet with their doctor online, or over video.

Screenshot: Text reads - How do you connect to the video doctor. I have the hardware and have the App. - If you are enrolled in VA healthcare, talk to your VA care team about Video Visits through VA Video Connect. Talking to your provider is the first step to accessing care this way.

Some wondered if virtual visits will replace in-person appointments with their health care team.

Screenshot: Text reads: Is this a new degree of separation for healthcare? I understand that some people live in remote areas but is this going to replace a one on one with you doctor? - No. See links provided. - VA health care online is another option which VA offers to Veterans. Through virtual technology, VA is able to deliver care to patients where and when they need it. This option does not replace in-person visits with your VA health care provider.

Participants also wanted to learn more about specific tools, such as online prescription refill.

Screenshot: Text reads - can you order refills online for pickup at the clinic - The Rx Refill feature on MyHealtheVet allows My HealtheVet members registered as VA Patients to refill VA prescriptions online, track their delivery and get shipment notifications. Prescriptions usually arrive within 3 to 5 days. Contact your VA pharmacist for questions or concerns about prescription refills.

Representatives directed Veterans to find services in their area.

Screenshot: Text reads - Looking for specific information about the technologies services available in your area, or have questions about how to get started? Contact your VA facility:

Thank you to all Veterans, service members and their supporters who participated in the event. Stay tuned to the ExploreVA events page for information about upcoming events.

For more details about VA benefits and how to apply, visit Try using the ExploreVA Benefits Navigator to find the benefits you and your family may be eligible to receive.

Watch the full video below or visit Team RWB’s Facebook page.


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Published on Dec. 17, 2018

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