BPFL Charity Golf Tourney

Brett and Alexa at Backpack For Life’s 4th Annual Golf Outing, 2019.

Fighting Veteran homelessness will always be a challenge. For many, it is difficult to adjust to civilian life. While you are in, you are told where to be and when to be there. Additionally, there is always the next rank to reach or goal to attain. When you leave the service, there isn’t a roadmap, and many get lost during their civilian journey.

One couple, Marine Veteran Brett D’Alessandro and his partner, Alexa Modero, have made it their mission to help those Veterans that find themselves with nothing but a backpack. In fact, with the nonprofit, Backpacks for Life the first thing they are doing is literally improving the backpack on homeless Veterans’ shoulders.

After deploying to Afghanistan in 2014 and exiting his Marine Reserve contract, Brett started experiencing the same problems many Veterans face after deployment. After serving honorably as a turret gunner in country, he found himself without purpose. He was filling the emptiness with unhealthy habits. However, after randomly providing a homeless Veteran with a backpack that allowed the Veteran’s child to have a pack for school, Brett again found a call to serve those that were in need. Upon learning this, his long-time girlfriend Alexa, began supporting his new purpose. Together they founded the nonprofit Backpacks for Life.

How Backpacks for Life Started

They have since patented their very own pack that is created specifically with the homeless Veteran in mind. The Bowery Pack features the old sea-bag opening, a stainless cable closing and an iso mat. Their goal is to go to a one-for-one sale model. For each Bowery Pack sold, they can give one to a homeless Veteran. They are currently in their first production run and the pack should be available sometime in the summer or early fall.

The Bowery Pack

However, Brett and Alexa believe that the backpack is only the first step to fight Veteran homelessness. Their overall mission “is to provide Veterans with resources that they have trouble providing for themselves…at the same time fostering self-reliance while assisting Veterans through their hardships…”

Additionally, we talked about how Brett and Alexa met, Brett’s deployment, and how they can afford to make the Bowery Pack in the United States.


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Published on May. 29, 2019

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  1. Joanne Melear June 14, 2019 at 11:37 am

    Great idea!

  2. Joseph Danet June 1, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    Why not focus on the homeless veteran with a dog. Every contact I made say they can not help because I have a dog. Well, sometimes that is the ONLY friend a veteran has and has not left him. His emotional support. The one friend that is there. The last hope he has and the response that is given. Oh, I’m sorry we can’t help you because you have a dog. Get rid of your dog and then call us.
    The last response I got was “I’m sorry you haven’t given up everything yet. You need to make some hard choices and get rid of your dog and your only vehicle (a motorcycle).
    How about creating a campground for veterans and offering him a two person tent.

  3. Kimberly Jones June 1, 2019 at 12:11 am

    I love these podcasts and would like to link them to my blog cominghomebykimberly.com. As a Veteran myself, I intend to write a substantial amount on behalf of Veterans some in collaboration with the Orlando VAMC.

    Thank you
    Kimberly Jones

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