When watching a movie, it’s easy to think that everything is real and true and lifelike. It’s no surprise that that isn’t always the case, especially with military movies. That’s how Marine Veteran Dale Dye got involved. He wanted to tell Hollywood the right way to portray the military on screen.

Dye’s journey to becoming a military technical advisor started when he was a young man. He often overheard his father’s inspiring World War II stories. He enlisted in the Marines after seeing a Marines poster.

In service, Dye became a combat correspondent and he often documented battles and life in the Marines during the Vietnam War. It was this experience that he later drew on to advise Hollywood film directors on how to accurately portray the military. His love for the military inspired him to influence the next generation through films, books, and even video games, so he created Warriors Inc. to provide Hollywood with technical advisors for all things military related.

As Dye discussed his experiences, he covered the following topics:

  • His military career in the Marines during the Vietnam War where he received three Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star with a Combat “V.”
  • His military consultant business Warriors Inc.
  • His 141 credits in film, television and video games.
  • His new projects.
  • His books and publishing company Warriors Publishing.
  • His struggle and treatment of his PTSD.

He emphasized the importance of not only having knowledge about what you are getting into but also knowing that there are people who have gone through the same thing as you that want to help support you.

Dye recently finished the film The Last Full Measure which will hit theaters in early 2020, and his directorial debut in No Better Place to Die was recently announced.


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Published on Nov. 6, 2019

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One Comment

  1. Leonard Ganz November 13, 2019 at 10:26 pm

    Tanner, I just listened to #170 with Dale Dye. Great job. I never listen to podcasts and never one this long. Important takeaways for me:

    1. Dale’s discussion about PTSD and how staying in the Corps saved him. I wish I had time to decompress but I was out 15 hours after landing at Travis.
    2. How Dale moved from mortarman to combat journalism. Really interesting.

    My story is I was drafted right out of college in 1967. Basic at Ft. Ord, CA. My first orders were for mortar school. I figured I would be the guy humping the base plate around the jungle. I had been offered OCS early on, but passed. Now I was interested. Sent to Ft. Sill. Trained in field artillery, transferred to Air Defense sent to VN in 1969 as an infantry advisor. It makes sense to me.

    Tanner, you do a great job interviewing.

    Tell Dale I’ll work for free.

    PS There was no para-rescue in the ’60’s. Army Aviation did most of the work running Dustoff.

    Also, I have been getting care at the VA since 1989 both in Boston and now in Long Beach, CA where I now live. I am well cared for.

    Len Ganz (redacted)
    Long Beach, CA

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