On this episode of Borne the Battle, Army Reserve and National Guard Veteran Ja’net Bishop, Ed.D, shares her story about starting her military career and becoming an educator and career counselor. 

Being the oldest and only girl in her family, Bishop joined the military to blaze a trail for herself and develop leadership skills. She discusses her experience of serving 18 years in the Army Reserve and National Guard, being activated in support of Operation Desert Storm, and transitioning into civilian life.

Bishop had the opportunity to earn her Master of Education degree in guidance and counseling from Campbell University. She shares why she became inspired to work in community and mental health counseling and how she was recruited to work in the school system—forever changing her life.

Additionally, she shares how the sudden loss of her husband compelled her to reflect on what the next transition in her life would be, and how she transformed her pain into purpose and became a volunteer with the American Red Cross. She breaks down the This is Freedom resiliency training workshop and how she helps Veteran inmates in Ridgeville, South Carolina. Bishop shares how these Veterans open up and trust her in order to accept help. She continues to work as a volunteer, to help guide incarcerated Veterans toward a successful and purposeful civilian life.


The American Red Cross resiliency training program for inmate Veterans is unique. Bishop shares advice to individuals and volunteers interested in implementing the same program and how they can begin the process of helping inmate Veterans navigate their lives as civilians.

In this episode, Bishop discusses…

  • What she learned from her experiences in the military.
  • Her post-military education at Campbell University.
  • How she built resilience after the loss of her husband.
  • How the American Red Cross resiliency program helps inmate Veterans rebuild their lives.
  • The lessons she learned while working with resiliency training workshop participants.

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Michaela Yesis is a podcast volunteer who recently graduated from George Mason University with a BA in English. Simone Young (graphics) is student intern working with VA’s Digital Media Engagement team.

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Published on Nov. 30, 2020

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