In this episode of Borne the Battle, Air Force Veteran Amanda Huffman – a military spouse, blogger and host of the Women of the Military podcast – discusses transitioning from active duty to diaper duty, Veteran women who deploy shortly after becoming mothers and what men should be conscious of about the female military experience.

Huffman’s interest in military service began after the events of September 11, 2001. She realized that enlisting in the military was something that she wanted to do and could do. And after hearing that many of her friends were joining during her freshman year of college, she wanted to learn more about the variety of opportunities within the military and soon decided to enter the ROTC program after graduating from Fresno State.


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After serving in the Air Force and being deployed to Afghanistan, Huffman transitioned out the military to become a military spouse while her husband stayed in the military. This allowed her the opportunity to become the mom and provide a more stable environment for her family. While navigating the journey of motherhood, Huffman decided to turn to writing as an outlet and created the blog to share her personal experiences with being a mom, military spouse, being a woman in the military and to help other military women.

Soon after Huffman started blogging and creating her website, she became the host of Women of the Military podcast that shares the stories of military women and covers a variety of topics. She also shares why she started a Youtube channel called Girl’s Guide to the Military.

Also in this episode, Huffman shares what she learned from her own community about being a women Veteran, what she learned while in the military, how she is trying to change the narrative of military women and why it’s important for women to share their stories.



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Michaela Yesis is a podcast volunteer with VA’s Digital Media Engagement team. She recently graduated from George Mason University with a BA in English.

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Published on May. 10, 2021

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