• Stay safe from COVID-19 by switching to a telehealth visit

    Avoid COVID-19 by switching your in-person appointments to VA Video Connect. Telehealth visits save you time and protect you from exposure.

  • You Asked, We Answered: Face mask protection against omicron

    You Asked, We Answered: What type of face mask should I wear for the best protection against omicron? Construction and fit are important.

  • You Asked, We Answered: What should I know about the Omicron variant and booster shots?

    You Asked, We Answered: Learn about the Omicron variant and how it differs from other strains, and the benefit of COVID-19 booster shots.

  • Protect yourself, your family and your data from vaccination card scams

    Forging or faking a vaccination card is punishable with up to five years in prison. Here’s what you need to know to guard against scams.

  • Why is the booster crucial right now?

    As COVID-19 cases rise again, it's more important than ever to make sure you're vaccinated and boosted. Hear Dr. Vivian Vega, Tampa VA Attending Physician, Infectious Disease answer the most asked questions about the vaccine and booster.

  • How VA served Veterans in 2021

    Many people would like to forget 2021. It was a tough year, but a lot of good happened, too, especially at VA. The department is committed to making 2022 even better, and to do that, we’re taking a quick look back at what it accomplished and how it served Veterans in 2021.

  • HolidayBoost campaign helps you talk about COVID-19 boosters with those you care about this holiday season

    The HolidayBoost campaign provides suggestions for having constructive, compassionate conversations with those you care about regarding getting the COVID-19 booster or vaccine.

  • VA medical center director: Good research, good clinical work complement each other

    At the time, Kilmer recalls, Baker ingrained in him a philosophy that he takes to heart today as director of the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System: Good clinical work supports good research, and good research supports good clinical work.

  • Researchers carry out the first head-to-head comparison of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines

    However, the Moderna vaccine was found to offer an increased level of protection, including a 21% lower risk of documented infection and 41% lower risk of hospitalization, according to the research team, whose findings were published on December 1, 2021, in the New England Journal of Medicine.

  • Filtering out COVID-19: New technology being tested by DoD, with VA help, to battle the virus

    Now, scientists at the Department of Defense, VA, and partner institutions are testing a new technology to treat COVID-19. It’s called the Seraph 100 blood filter. The treatment uses a novel approach to filter out viral particles and harmful molecules from the bloodstream of COVID-19 patients.

  • Study: Smoking increases risk of death for Veterans with COVID-19

    COPD is a group of respiratory diseases that limit airflow and make it hard to breathe. It’s usually linked to an abnormal inflammatory response in the lungs to noxious particles or gases, such as cigarette smoke.

  • VA secretary talks claims backlog, homelessness, COVID-19 vaccinations during press conference

    Veteran disability claims, homelessness and COVID-19 vaccines were topics VA Secretary Denis McDonough spoke about during a press conference Oct. 20 in Washington D.C.

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