• North Texas VA expedites hiring process

    North Texas VA expedited the onboarding of at least 100 new team members as part of a 4-day hiring surge event. New hires could start work the next week.

  • Live Whole Health #146: Welcoming your guests – all of them

    The turkey is roasting. The house is in order. The table is set. What about the guests? Being surrounded by others is one of the greatest gifts of the season.

  • Mission Daybreak: Showcasing Veteran suicide prevention solutions

    Thirty finalists in VA’s Mission Daybreak presented their suicide prevention solutions at Demo Day, an in-person showcase event held Nov. 4.

  • From evaluation to treatment, what Veterans should know about toxic exposure

    Treatment a Veteran can receive after toxic exposure. Learn about the online Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry and the Post-Deployment Cardiopulmonary Evaluation Network.

  • Vietnam Veterans’ reunion a key to recovery

    Decades later, Vietnam Veterans hold reunion. “These reunions have had a life-saving impact on our squad. I believe more Veterans would benefit from events like this.”

  • Honoring victims of anti-transgender violence

    Preventing anti-transgender violence, sexual assault and harassment. Take the White Ribbon VA Pledge and apply bystander intervention.

  • Rideshare program assists Veterans in critical need

    Innovative rideshare program provides transportation to Veterans in critical need after discharge, emergency department visit, or appointment related to hospitalization.

  • World War II Veterans receive flu vaccinations at Jasper VA clinic

    “My doctor recommended the vaccine for greater protection during the flu season and I took his advice. I trust the VA with my health.”

  • Tucson VA addresses Veteran food insecurity

    Tucson’s Southern Arizona VA Patriot Pantry supports Veteran food insecurity with emergency food provisions and is a bridge to other community food resources for Veteran patients.

  • Get your flu shot before the holidays

    Get your flu shot before the holidays to protect yourself and your loved ones. Remember you can safely get both the COVID-19 vaccine and flu shot at the same time.

  • Great American Smokeout: Clear the air for what matters

    For the Great American Smokeout on Nov. 17, Veterans are invited to explore VA resources that can help them stop smoking, clear the air and improve their health and mood.

  • New 3D printed advanced surgical tool: More efficient care

    A new advanced surgical planning tool receives FDA clearance to be used in VA facilities, quickening pre-surgery process.

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