• Art therapy gives Veterans purpose and passion

    “Art therapy sessions let Veterans find a space where they feel comfortable. Their art is making an impact. That is the goal.”

  • Painting helps breast cancer survivor express her fears and feelings

    Painting gave Air Force Veteran and breast cancer survivor Doreen Patrick an outlet to express her fears, feelings and anxiety.

  • Borne the Battle Episode #213: Army Veteran Erika Land, War Poet

    The first poem Army Veteran Erika Land composed was meant to be her farewell gift to the world before she committed suicide. Now she travels around the country to share the art which motivated her to keep on living.

  • Veterans make it a family affair at National Veterans Creative Arts Festival

    A total of 115 Veterans from across the country will showcase their talents at this year's National Creative Arts Festival in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

  • ‘Red Velvet’ horse therapy helps heal years of PTSD pain for Army Veteran

    Barbara Wickham tried to ignore her pain from a sexual assault while she served in the Army. It took Red Velvet and horse therapy to heal her wounds.

  • Vets learn playing the guitar helps them relax and escape depression

    Learning the guitar is just one of the art therapy approaches to help Veterans at this Community Living Center relax and socialize. It also reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

  • The Positivity Project: tranquility through self expression

    It was an interaction with a patient that gave VA […]

  • ABOUT FACE: Art therapy’s self-reflective role in Veteran readjustment

    Workshops allow Veterans to show others how they see themselves by painting a self-portrait in a supportive environment among other Veterans.

  • From motor pool to national art festival: First sergeant creates award-winning artwork

    His sculpture, Beat,depicts a human heart molded out of discarded orange medicine bottles that beat with pulsating light, the piece cautions about the potential overuse of prescription medicine.

  • Calling all artists, performers, musicians and writers: Veterans arts festival and competitions kick off

    The 2018 National Veterans Creative Arts Competition began January 1. […]

  • Veterans creating a brighter future

    Veterans use art as a means of expression on the road to recovery, developing goals while gaining hope and a sense of accomplishment, which are critical to the recovery process.

  • Creative Forces joins with VA to bring healing arts to Veterans

    Creative Forces is bringing the restorative power of art to active duty patients and Veterans diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorders, as well as their families and caregivers.

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