• Supporting minority Veterans: Interview with Center for Minority Veterans Director James Albino

    Center for Minority Veterans Director James Albino discusses how VA is striving to ensure that all Veterans receive equal service.

  • First-ever National Minority Veterans Summit draws Veterans from across the country

    Center for Minority Veterans hosted the inaugural National Minority Veterans Summit focusing on the needs and issues imperative to minority Veterans.

  • Minority Veterans focus of September summit

    Minority Veterans’ needs and issues about VA benefits and services will be the focus of the inaugural 2019 National Minority Veterans Summit Sept. 27-28.

  • Mexico’s Aztec Eagles allied with America to fight the war in the pacific during WWII

    During its operational history the "Aztec Eagles" flew 795 combat sorties, accumulated nearly 2,000 hours of combat flying and remains the only military unit in the history of Mexico to engage in combat outside of its national borders.

  • #BorneTheBattle 54: Melissa Castillo – Navy Veteran, Dallas County Veterans Service Officer

    Melissa Castillo, a Hispanic woman Veteran talks to us about her military service, working for VA, and her experience as a woman minority Veteran.

  • #BorneTheBattle 52: VA’s Center for Minority Veterans panel discussion

    This week's podcast features a panel discussion with four women Veterans.

  • VA raising awareness of equitable health care during National Minority Health Month

    During April's National Minority Health Month, VA's Center for Minority Veterans and Office of Health Equity are raising awareness of the various factors that impact on the ability of minority Veterans and their families to reach the highest level of health and wellbeing.

  • VA’s Center for Minority Veterans looks to increase participation in the Million Veteran Program

    This campaign is an integral part of its ongoing outreach to minority Veterans via the Million Veteran Program coordinator program, virtual town hall meetings, lunch and learns sessions with other federal agencies and various collaborative outreach activities with Veteran service organizations and non-governmental partners.

  • A Legacy of Exceptional Service

    For African American History month, we look at the history of their fight for America's freedom. The VA presents a video tribute to their legacy.

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