• Live Whole Health #110: Chair Yoga for heart health

    Heart Health Awareness Month falls in February and is a great time to learn more about heart health. VA and the American Heart Association (AHA) want you to be aware of five important heart health numbers because they help providers determine your risk for developing cardiovascular disease.

  • Live Whole Health #88: Standing chair yoga

    Going to the gym every day, even when you’re not planning to exercise, is the best way to build a healthy habit that prepares you to improve your fitness. For other days, there's standing chair yoga.

  • Live Whole Health #70: Chair yoga

    When it comes to yoga, we hear these often: “I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible,” or “I don’t know what all the fuss is about yoga,” or “My daughter does yoga, but she’s young and fit,” and “You won’t catch me in yoga pants!” But what about chair yoga?

  • Live Whole Health #66: Lower body chair yoga practice

    You may think of yoga as a practice only done by the young and flexible, but all of us can do it. After a recent knee surgery, I was unable to get around without crutches, but I was still able to do breathing practices, meditate, and even do some yoga postures in a chair.

  • Live Whole Health #61: Reimagine Yoga

    What do you think of when you hear the word "yoga?" If your image of yoga involves headstands and pretzel twists with a group of women in a studio, then it's time to reimagine yoga.

  • Live Whole Health #49: Get moving from your chair

    As the temperatures drop and days get shorter, it may be time to think about different ways to get yourself moving. Chair yoga is a great way to move your body and tap into your breath.

  • Live Whole Health: Self-care episode #30 – Upper Body Chair Exercise

    Practicing yoga in a class is an excellent self-care practice, but sometimes it just isn't possible to grab a mat and head to a studio. Yoga teacher and Whole Health Coach, Katherine Hillgren, from the St. Louis VA Medical Center, suggests that a home practice, like chair yoga, is a suitable replacement in a pinch.

  • Live Whole Health: Self-care episode #26 – Lower Body Chair Exercise

    When we practice yoga, we experience ease and well-being. Chair yoga offers a more accessible way to experience the union of our body, mind and breath.

  • Live Whole Health: Self-care episode #10 – Chair Yoga

    Want to see how yoga is for everybody? How it can help you to become flexible, balanced and calm? Join yoga instructor (and health and wellness program manager) Mandie Johnson from Central Arkansas VAMC for this 9-minute chair yoga practice.

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