• Chats with the Chief Episode 21: Dr. Jonathan Perlin

    Former Undersecretary for Health Dr. Jonathan Perlin joins to discuss his notable career shaping health care policy and delivery for Veterans.

  • Chats with the Chief: Brynn Cole

    In this week’s episode of Chats with the Chief, VHA Chief of Staff Jon M. Jensen sits down with Brynn Cole, Director of Design and Storytelling with VHA Innovation Ecosystem.

  • Chats with the Chief: Making the world more accessible for disabled Veterans

    This week’s Chats with the Chief: Dr. Rory Cooper describes, “A world where people with disabilities can fully participate in society.”

  • Chats with the Chief: Dr. Eric Schoomaker, VHA’s Whole Health Advisor on Why VA wants to know what matters to you

    In this week’s episode of Chats with the Chief, VHA Chief of Staff Jon Jensen talks “Whole Health” as the comprehensive approach to wellbeing with retired Army Lt. Gen. Eric Schoomaker, MD, PhD, VHA’s Whole Health advisor.

  • Chats with the Chief: VA Researcher Dr. Russ Huber talks about his work in VA PTSD Research 

    VHA Chief of Staff Jon Jensen talks post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with Veteran Dr. Russ Huber, director of the PTSD Brain Bank at the VA Boston Healthcare System. 

  • Chats with the Chief: VA Neuroscientist Ann McKee talks brain injuries in Veterans and NFL players

    In this week’s edition of Chats with the Chief, VHA Chief of Staff Jon Jensen sits down with Dr. Ann McKee, who studies the long-term effects of hits to the head on the brain.

  • Chats with the Chief: Recent, coming improvements to Board of Veterans’ Appeals

    Chats with the Chief: Cheryl L. Mason, the first woman to chair the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, talks about improvements to the board.

  • Chats with the Chief: Dr. Norman Hooten, from Black Hawk Down to VA pharmacist

    Join us for this week's Chats with the Chief. Jon Jensen, VHA chief of staff, is joined by Dr. Norman Hooten. Hooten is a VA pharmacist now, but you may have heard about his heroic efforts depicted in the movie Black Hawk Down.

  • Chats with the Chief: VA Secretary: “VA’s common purpose – The Veterans”

    Join Jon Jensen, VHA’s chief of staff, for the latest edition of host of “Chats with the Chief.” This week, he’s joined by VA Secretary Denis Richard McDonough, who discusses family, books and his vision for VA.

  • VA health executive: We are listening to our Veterans

    Dr. Steve Lieberman is VA’s Acting Deputy Undersecretary for Health. In this episode, he talks about the 18-hour days of VA frontline staff dealing with the pandemic and the great health care provided to Veterans.

  • Chats with the Chief: South Texas Director Chris Sandles on VA’s fastest growing HCS

    Jon Jensen, VHA Chief of Staff, talks with Chris Sandles, director of the South Texas VA Healthcare System. He manages the fastest growing VA health care system in the country.

  • Chats with the Chief – Dr. Kameron Matthews, Assistant USH for Clinical Services

    Chats with the Chief features VHA Chief of Staff Jon Jensen as he talks with key players about the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and how it serves America’s Veterans. In this episode, Jensen is joined by VHA Assistant Under Secretary for Health for Clinical Services Dr. Kameron Matthews, who talks about the process of transitioning to new roles and prioritizing diversity in medicine.

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