• VA program helps service members transition to civilian life

    ETS helps service members with education, employment, housing, legal support and medical/mental health support, working to overcome stigma and connecting service members to VA and community resources.

  • Finding Peace on the Other Side of the World

    A Veteran shares advice based on his experiences after deployment and integration back to civilian life.

  • On Civilian Guilt

    A VA employee shares her feelings about the different experiences that she and her Veteran coworkers have had, and the guilt she feels as a result.

  • In Defense Of ROTC

    A military spouse shares her views on the ROTC and the increasing divide between military and civilian spheres.

  • Columbia, ROTC, and the Civilian-Military Divide

    With the ROTC debates at Columbia University, attention has been drawn to the civilian-military divide. An Iraq veteran shares his views on the situation.

  • Secretary Shinseki Talks Education and Change at VA

    VA Secretary Shinseki urges Vets attending college to graduate, speaking of the obstacles and solutions in progress to aid veterans in this mission.

  • The Civilian-Veteran Gap Widens Further?

    A look at the civilian-Veteran divide in relation to events at Columbia University and debate on the return of ROTC.

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