• Making community emergency care easier for Veterans

    Community Emergency Care Reporting process changes improve efficiency, timeliness and security for Vets and providers. Easier to notify VA when Veteran receives emergency care at community provider.

  • More Veterans getting VA care than ever before – and they like it

    VA has dramatically improved Veterans’ health care access. The total amount of care delivered is up. The number of visits with VA’s community care providers is up. Veteran satisfaction is up.

  • Veteran and his wife get help from VA in cancer fight

    A Veteran and his wife are recipients of cancer treatment delivered by VA, Optum and the Community Care Network (CCN), ensuring they get the care they deserve in a VA facility or in the community.

  • Expectant Veteran gets help with community care billing issue

    VA customer service personnel assisted a Veteran who was incorrectly charged $500 by a community provider for care. After misunderstandings, she received a call from a VA provider relations specialist.

  • Community providers: VA urgent care network change

    Important changes that require Community Providers to establish a contract with either Optum or TriWest to provide urgent care services or treatment for minor injuries and illnesses to Veterans.

  • VA encourages use of telehealth to prevent COVID-19

    VHA’s Office of Community Care encourages Veterans who have minor illnesses or injuries to consider using telehealth (phone or video-based visits) to reduce potential exposure to the coronavirus.

  • VA MISSION Act Making A Difference for Veterans

    It's been six months: The MISSION Act is helping more Veterans access the care and services they need, when and where they need them.

  • VA MISSION Act: Answers to questions about VA’s urgent care benefit

    Have a sore throat, earache, or strained muscle? Then consider contacting your VA facility or using the community urgent care benefit available to eligible Veterans under the MISSION Act. 

  • VA MISSION Act: Answers to top questions about community care appointments

    With the implementation of the MISSION Act, eligible Veterans have more convenient choices for getting timely, high-quality health care. Veterans eligible for community care can choose to receive care from a VA medical facility or a community provider in VA’s network. This article answers some common questions about making community care appointments.

  • Questions about Community Care?

    Learn more about how VA provides care to Veterans through community providers. Ask questions about Community Care, Urgent Care and family member programs Wednesday at 4:30 ET.

  • VA MISSION Act: top questions answered

    VA rollouts out MISSION Act changes. This blog answers the top questions from Veterans on changes to community care and the new urgent care benefit.

  • The Sioux Falls VA Health Care System pilot streamlines community care for Veterans

    The Sioux Falls VA Medical Center pilot program for helping Veterans coordinate care with community providers cuts down confusion and time spent on the phone for Veterans seeking care outside of VA. The program is now fully operational with additional staff to assist Veterans, their families and caregivers.

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