• Martinsburg VA honors POW Veteran’s 100th birthday

    Martinsburg Army Veteran Donald “Dusty” Rhodes spent six months as a Prisoner of War before being sent to fight in the Battle of the Bulge.

  • Amarillo VA celebrates new prosthetic and rehabilitation wing

    New Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Clinic more than triples previous clinical space and includes an Activities of Daily Living clinic.

  • VA Pittsburgh tests self-cleaning mats – additional layer of protection for patients

    Innovative, self-cleaning mats continuously disinfect themselves. When they detect contamination, they electronically release ions that destroy the germs.

  • Canine comfort for Veterans, starring Aly, the diva poodle

    Aly the poodle brings canine comfort to senior Veterans in the nursing home at the Reno VA.

  • Memory Club helps Veterans reflect on memories from their past

    Medical center's memory club is reminiscence therapy that keeps Veteran minds active and helps them remember the good ol’ days.

  • Reunion at Battle Creek VA “pure joy”

    “Pure joy!” A mom’s description of her reunion with her Veteran daughter at the Battle Creek VA Medical Center Community Living Center. In-person family visitations for the first time since March 2020.

  • VA priority: Vaccinating Veterans in CLCs

    Residents of VA’s 134 nursing homes who are older and may have complex health conditions remain a priority for COVID-19 vaccination. VA’s goal is to vaccinate every Veteran who wants one.

  • Face-to-face visits for Community Living Center Veterans

    The Coatesville VA resumed allowing face-to-face visits for Community Living Center Veterans. Resident John Anker was nervous to see his wife for the first time in a year, saying it felt “like a first date.”

  • Meet the amazing crew of St. Cloud VA’s Building 50, 1st Floor

    When Minneapolis VA was designated a COVID-19 site, St. Cloud Community Living Center assisted by admitting Minneapolis CLC residents so that they could have more space for COVID-19 patients.

  • Unique lunches for nursing home residents

    Columbia VA Health Care System’s nutrition and food services wanted to do something special for its Community Living Center Veteran patients. The idea of a “MockDonald” menu was a welcomed change.

  • Sensory machine a big hit on memory care floor

    A therapeutic sensory device at VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System’s Community Living Center uses lights and sounds to either stimulate or calm Veterans. Nurses report it helps with dementia population.

  • Veteran’s wallet returned to family – 17 years later

    Veteran’s daughter disclosed that her father tended to hide his personal belongings. That’s probably why his wallet went missing and was found 17 years later by workers – inside a Biloxi VA wall.

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