• Women Veterans: Information for your non-VA care providers

    Opportunities for women Veterans to share with their non-VA care providers how to best serve their health care needs. Including link to training course.

  • Provider webinar: Using VA’s eCAMS Provider Portal

    A health care provider webinar will be held May 19, to discuss how to access and navigate the eCAMS Provider Portal.

  • Community providers: Providing flu shots to Veterans

    Community providers: Help protect eligible Veterans from the flu this winter with these five tips about their no-cost flu shot.

  • Community providers: Please tell Veterans about easy, no-cost flu shot options through VA

    Important information for providers to share with Veterans about no-cost flu shots available to eligible Veterans this 2021-2022 flu season.

  • Retail pharmacies, urgent care providers: How to provide flu shots to eligible Veterans this flu season

    Help keep Veterans healthy and well during flu season. Steps for community providers to provide a flu shot to eligible Veterans this season.

  • Community providers: CCN improvements help you care for our Veterans

    VA’s Community Care Network makes it easier for providers to work with VA and care for Veterans. CCN offers a more streamlined relationship with VA and continues to get better as we refine it over time.

  • Community providers: Help Veterans #FightFlu!

    Talk to Veteran patients about preventing the flu by getting a flu shot. Veterans enrolled in VA health care are eligible for a free flu shot. Make vaccinations a routine part of patient care.

  • Questions about Community Care?

    Learn more about how VA provides care to Veterans through community providers. Ask questions about Community Care, Urgent Care and family member programs Wednesday at 4:30 ET.

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