• Resources available to Veterans experiencing emotional distress due to recent world events

    Due to recent world events, Veterans may be feeling emotional distress as they may be reminded of their own deployment experiences.

  • Police officer at VA Bedford saves stranger’s life

    VA police officer Anthony Harris was driving home when he saw a man on a bridge, ready to jump. He talked him down and saved his life.

  • Make a difference in the lives of Veterans with PTSD

    During PTSD Awareness Month, explore rewarding VA careers that help Veterans take charge of their mental health and pursue fuller lives.

  • VA can help with those holiday blues

    For Veterans with PTSD, the holidays be difficult to manage. Here are some ways to cope and manage those feelings and stressful events. Use our apps. Reach out for support. Call the Crisis Line.

  • Mental health and suicide prevention during COVID-19

    Please listen to this important webcast with answers on how VA and firearm associations are working together to help Veterans and non-Veterans with mental health challenges and prevent suicide.

  • VA’s Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention supports proposed three-digit dialing code for suicide hotline

    The 988 expansion directly addresses the need for ease of access and clarity in times of crisis, both for Veterans and non-Veterans alike. 

  • Suicide Prevention: A Marine Veteran’s story

    Every VA employee has one extra job this month. Preventing Veteran suicides. We do this all year but this month, we want to get the word out to Veterans and their friends and families that help is here.

  • Suicide prevented. Army Veteran thanks Dublin VA nurses and police

    When a Veteran with severe PTSD knew that he needed help immediately, and thought suicide was an option, he called the Veterans Crisis Line and the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center. “I needed help.”

  • Other-than-honorable discharge?

    If you have an other-than-honorable discharge, you can still receive mental health treatment at a VA medical center. For combat Veterans who served at least 100 days. And sexual assault victims.

  • Check out helpful, valuable Veterans health YouTube videos

    Videos that explain it all. Videos that help you get healthier, live longer and learn what we can do for you. Add VHA’s YouTube to your favorites – your go-to visual library for all VHA services.

  • Helping Veterans Cope with PTSD during holidays

    For Veterans with PTSD – and their families – the holidays can be difficult. Here are some very helpful tips on how you – and your loved ones - can cope and make the season less stressful.

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