• VA to lead new national initiative to improve effectiveness of pre-clinical brain research

    The initiative is called the Interagency Resource Coordinating Center for Preclinical TBI Research (IRCC). It will focus on making the most of federal investments in pre-clinical TBI, with scientists working together to identify the preclinical models that best represent TBI in humans and sharing data in more uniform ways.

  • Filtering out COVID-19: New technology being tested by DoD, with VA help, to battle the virus

    Now, scientists at the Department of Defense, VA, and partner institutions are testing a new technology to treat COVID-19. It’s called the Seraph 100 blood filter. The treatment uses a novel approach to filter out viral particles and harmful molecules from the bloodstream of COVID-19 patients.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Chuck Hagel

    On his 75th birthday, today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam Veteran who later became Secretary of Defense.

  • Virtual diabetes training benefits Veterans and active duty personnel

    The American Diabetes Association awarded joint recognition to VA and DOD for state-of-the-art virtual diabetes training. VA program created the virtual platform and assisted in content creation.

  • PTSD and moral injury linked to pregnancy complications

    A new VA study of women Veterans has found that elevated symptoms of PTSD and moral injury can lead to pregnancy complications, such as preterm birth.

  • Watch VA leaders share tips for military spouses applying to VA jobs

    Panelists give advice to military spouses looking for jobs through the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) program.

  • Get answers to military spouse employment questions on Feb. 20

    Military spouses can get answers to employment questions during a […]

  • VA actively recruits military spouses for careers serving Veterans

    In partnership with the DOD’s Military Spouse Employment Partnership program, VA is actively recruiting military spouses for meaningful careers.

  • DoD answers top 10 questions on expanded commissary, exchange, MWR access

    The Defense Department recently announced expanded commissary, military service exchange and MWR access Jan. 1 and established a standard for physical access to military installations. Below are the top 10 questions Veterans have asked the Defense Department about the expanded access.

  • National Resource Directory includes 14,000 resources for Veterans, families

    The National Resource directory has more than 14,000 vetted resources available for Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors.

  • Serve Veterans and service members by leading the DoD/VA Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization Program Office

    Lead the largest electronic health record modernization in U.S. history […]

  • The Yeoman (F) Program and the Legacy of Women Veterans

     The Yeoman (F)s, popularly called ‘Yeomanettes’ to their objection, […]

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