• Golden Age Games a lifeline for Houston Veteran

    Rena Dugat’s daughter died at 34 from ovarian cancer. She escaped the darkness and despair by volunteering and then competing in the Houston Golden Age Games.

  • Veteran Owen Rogers, 76, finds strength through sports and music

    Atlanta VA recreation therapist urged Vietnam Army Veteran Owen Rogers to attend the National Veteran Golden Age Games to help him cope.

  • Golden Age Games names Coach of the Year

    Recreation assistant Mike Clark named Coach of the Year at the National Veterans Golden Age Games. He was praised for dedication and commitment.

  • Golden Age Games competitor fulfills promise to father

    Veteran and retired VA employee Mary Bader first became interested in the Golden Age Games when her Korean War Veteran father participated.

  • Registration opens March 2 for National Veterans Golden Age Games

    Registration to compete in the 2020 National Veterans Golden Age […]

  • Bilateral Amputee is active in multiple sports

    Army Veteran Dave Nichols (69) lost both of his legs below the knees in Vietnam. He will be at the Golden Age Games in Alaska this week. “Get off the couch and keep a smile on your face.”

  • Army Veteran Ron Miles goes the distance at Golden Age Games

    Taking part in the part in the 100-, 200-, and 400-meter sprints, and in the 800-meter power walk, he looks forward to next year's games in Anchorage, Alaska.

  • Health, wellness an important component of Golden Age Games

    The event is designed to enhance the quality of life for Veterans ages 55 and older, including those with a wide range of disabilities.

  • Theme song for National Veterans Golden Age Games urges Veterans to never stop `Going for the Gold’

    Celebrated songwriters Bob Regan and Regie Hamm, as well as Bo Cox, the voluntary service specialist at the Chattanooga VA Outpatient Clinic of the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System, will be singing the theme song at the Parade of Athletes.

  • Veteran athlete credits sports with preparing her for a career in the male-dominated field

    Judi Roberts credits sports with helping prepare her for a career in the male-dominated aircraft maintenance and aircrew career fields.

  • Applications opening soon for 2018 National Veterans Golden Age Games

    Veterans ages 55 and older who are eligible for VA health care benefits may complete applications online April 2 through May 2.

  • Veterans Go For The Gold

    VA presents a collection of photographs from the 25th National Veterans Golden Age Games, where veterans from WWII to current conflicts attended.

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