• The National TeleOncology Service is hiring. Apply today!

    National TeleOncology Service is looking for talented academic hematologists or oncologists who are licensed to practice in the United States

  • Dr. Stone testifies on community care success, recruitment needs

    The success of VA’s new Community Care program is contributing […]

  • Accelerate your education and training with a VA career

    Juggling the demands of school, work and life can take […]

  • Five times you should follow up with a VA Careers recruiter

    Following up with a VA Careers recruiter at the right time can help make the application and interview process smoother. But when and how?

  • Learn about VA Careers at our next virtual event

    Consider talking to a recruiter at the next VA virtual career fair. VA Careers regularly hosts no-cost local, regional or national virtual career fairs where you can chat online with recruiters about a position in information technology, nursing, primary care or another field; learn about which jobs are available in your area; and get tips on submitting a stand-out application.

  • Find your dream job caring for Veterans

    Use VA’s real-time map to apply for available positions at facilities across the United States and its territories.

  • Six ways to explore a civilian career working with other Veterans

    Explore a civilian career working with Veterans at VA. Here are six ways you can explore what it’s like to work at VA before you make the choice to apply.

  • Seven ways to get the most out of working with a VA Careers recruiter

    From communicating career goals to obtaining feedback on your resume, follow these tips to maximize your time with a VA Careers’ recruiter.

  • Telemental health for Veterans expands care and career options

    VA telemental health professionals are giving you greater access to counseling from anywhere in the world — including from home — on a secured channel.

  • Five ways to make your healthcare job application stand out

    If you're considering submitting an application for a job at VA to care for Veterans, you'll need to master these five tips!

  • VA has healthcare careers perfect for Veterans

    VA has careers, tied to specialized skillsets, where former military healthcare workers can heal and care for fellow Veterans.

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