• Army takes on Navy at Amarillo VA

    Employees at the Amarillo VA wanted to keep Veterans food secure during the holidays. They challenged each other on who could raise the most in donations, Army or Navy? Over 2000 items were donated.

  • Fresh Focus #18: Scaling back the holiday meal

    The holidays can be a whirlwind, even this year with just a small household group. After the dust settles and the dishes are washed, it can feel like a crash of adrenaline. You've spent hours cooking and you probably don’t want to cook for the rest of the week. Thankfully, when you open up the fridge all you see are leftovers. This Fresh Focus podcast covers how to scale back on that holiday meal.

  • Fresh Focus #17: Holiday meal prep with success

    You're back from the grocery store and your countertop is full! Now, what to do with all the food you just purchased? Episode 17 of the Fresh Focus Podcast dives into meal prepping and give tips on how to be successful with the process during the upcoming holidays.

  • Fresh Focus #16: The Grocery Store

    What if we told you that smart shopping at the grocery store actually starts before you leave the house? And this year you may not even need to leave the house. On-line shopping is a great option for anyone who has small children, is pressed for time, or has health concerns.

  • Fresh Focus #15: Scaling back the holiday meal

    Whatever this year’s holiday season meals bring, you can certainly scale it down while still enjoying some of those traditional favorites in a smaller group.

  • Partnership feeds 500 Veterans over holidays

    A special partnership helped feed 500 Veterans and families in Salt Lake City. An army of volunteers handed out holiday meals donated by the community. A Veteran was glad he was still remembered.

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