• Southeast Louisiana Veterans Cemetery pays final respects to four local Veterans

    The Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs works with coroners across the state to identify Veterans in their morgues to identify Veteran remains and give them the military honors they deserve and be put to rest at one of our four Veterans cemeteries.

  • From Elvis to Berlin’s Wannasee House, Women’s Army Corps Veteran highlights her life of service

    After her high school graduation, Doris Harding enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps and went to Fort McClellan in Anniston, Alabama, where she completed her basic training.

  • Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs celebrates nurses and their passion to serve

    Nurses are angles who comfort and care, someone to lean on, the answer to prayers.

  • Army Veteran recalls arriving in Europe the day before the Battle of the Bulge

    “The loss of two of my good friends, the close calls with snipers, the booby traps, and being knocked flat on my back by artillery shrapnel hitting me on front of my helmet (no damage done),” are some of the things he will never forget.

  • A trip to the military recruiter with a buddy led to a lifetime of public service

    Colin Fake has led a life of service having served four years on active-duty in the Air Force, eight years in the Air Force Reserves and 20 years in the Civil Air Patrol.

  • Veterans serving Veterans: A win-win situation

    Many organizations come to depend on their volunteers. The Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs is one of those agencies that not only depends on, but also cherishes, its volunteers.

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