• Clifton Schroeder: Clinging to dirt

    Marine Veteran Clifton Schroeder served as an executive officer in Vietnam and a senior liaison officer during the Balkans Conflict.

  • Inclusion of gender identity in medical record a welcome change

    VA is including gender identifiers and preferred names in medical records. It's a welcome change for transgender and gender diverse Veterans.

  • Biloxi VA Chief of Police runs to honor fallen officer

    The Biloxi VA Chief of Police participated in a run dedicated to fallen VA police officers, noting a fallen officer will never be forgotten.

  • Therapy provides Marine Corps Veteran all-terrain trackchair

    After three helicopter crashes and a 150-foot fall, Marine Corps Veteran finally returns to independent life with unique trackchair.

  • Exhibit inspired by her mother wins gold medal

    Veteran Catherine D’Angelo received gold medal in National Veterans Creative Arts competition in festival held in St. Petersburg, Florida.

  • Finding Vietnam Veteran and Navy Corpsman Gregory Williams, pt.3

    Bill Mulcrevy’s search had come to an end. Gregory Williams, the Navy Corpsman who had saved his and so many other Marines’ lives in Vietnam, died in Illinois in November 2017. He was 73.

  • How VA and partners helped a Vietnam Veteran find Corpsman Williams, pt.2

    Part 2 of the story on how VA and partners came together to help a sick Marine Corps Veteran search for the buddy who saved his life in Vietnam.

  • A Vietnam Veteran’s search for the Corpsman who saved his life, pt.1

    A sick Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran reached out to VA to help find Gregory Williams, a Navy Corpsman buddy who saved his life in Vietnam.

  • Marine Corps Veteran co-leads prostate cancer education group

    After Marine Corps Veteran Joe Gallo was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he and two others created a virtual support group for prostate cancer patients.

  • Battle Creek VA: No Marine is ever left alone

    Marine Corps Corporal Michael Neff was interred with full military honors surrounded by his brothers and sisters-in-arms and VA employees.

  • Marine Corps Veteran fights diabetes with VA support

    Dangerous blood sugar levels, then a severe infection, then amputation. Through it all, Marine Corps Veteran is optimistic and grateful to VA.

  • Pittsburgh VCP partners with Advocate Health Advisors to support Veterans

    Pittsburgh VA and Advocate Health Advisors helped the family of an elderly Veteran artist provide care and comfort in his final days.

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