• Telephonic applications: Making health care easier for Veterans

    Well, the last few days/weeks of a lot of peoples’ […]

  • Finding Solace in Companion Dogs

    Marion VA Medical Center's new pilot program focuses on a dog's companionship and therapeutic potential and the benefits they offer to Veterans.

  • VA Begins Implementation of Open Source EHR

    To advance health care services, VA has utilized telemedicine to extend their reach. The open source Electronic Health Record, VistA, is one tool.

  • Update: Office of Rural Health

    VA seeks to shift from an inpatient system to a continuum of health care. Focus is on home-based primary care, outpatient clinics, and telehealth services.

  • Loss of VA Benefits: Is It True?

    VA Medical Center volunteers experience issues with their 100% Unemployable status for mental health disability. A response from the VBA is requested.

  • HIV Testing Day: Step Up!

    HIV Testing Day at a VA Medical Center may help put your mind at ease or save your life. Say yes to the free HIV test.

  • Easter Seals to Provide Support for Caregivers

    VA partners with the non-profit Easter Seals to offer better support to Veterans and their families through caregiver services.

  • America’s Heroes: Caregivers Get More Support

    VA and Easter Seals partner to provide training to Family Caregivers. A program application for services is available for injured post-9/11 Veterans.

  • Personalized Medicine and the Million Veteran Program

    The Million Veteran Program will help personalize medical treatment by gaining a better understanding of the effects genes have on health and illness.

  • Electronic Health Records: The Latest Expansion

    The VA and DoD work to create a shared lifetime electronic records system and the successes of the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record is a great start.

  • Increasing Access: Reaching Out to Rural Veterans

    Nearly 40 percent of enrolled Veterans live in rural areas of our country. These Veterans have difficulty in obtaining access to quality health care.

  • Thriving Beyond the Wounds of War

    Iraq War Veteran, Alan participated in the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic, but he wasn’t just skiing, he was thriving.

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