• Veteran manages MST, finds her calling to help others

    VA mental health care and telehealth help Veteran manage the effects of her military sexual trauma (MST) and regain control of her life. Today, she helps Veterans access VA care.

  • Boston VA helps homeless Army Veteran

    Cynthia Perkins received help from the Boston VA for chronic back pain and MST… then started her own business.

  • Dispelling myths of MST to prevent Veteran homelessness

    A lack of public awareness about MST leaves gaps in our national discourse. Dispelling myths can help survivors know they are not alone and connect them to resources.

  • PTSD Bytes #14: Military Sexual Trauma

    Dr. Amy Street, deputy director of the National Center for PTSD Women’s Health Science Division, Boston VA, discusses military sexual trauma.

  • Music therapy: Readjustment doesn’t have to be a solo

    Music therapy shows Veterans that readjustment doesn’t have to be a solo performance. Here’s two fellow combat Veterans jamming.

  • We believe you and we believe in you: Resources for homeless Veterans

    Veterans experiencing sexual assault or intimate partner violence are at greater risk of being homeless. We believe you, and believe in you.

  • VA services build hope after sexual assault

    VA wants everyone who has experienced sexual assault to know services are available to support healing…with a variety of options to choose from.

  • Believing in military sexual trauma survivors means supporting them on their path toward healing

    Veterans who experienced MST can find the support they need at VA to heal physically and emotionally. Treatment is free and personalized.

  • Through yoga, VA researcher aims to help female survivors of military sexual trauma with PTSD

    Now, VA investigators are examining the effectiveness of a clinical, trauma-sensitive yoga intervention to help women Veterans who experienced military sexual trauma (MST) and went on to develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • Telehealth plus web-based skills training a promising combination for Veterans with history of PTSD, military sexual trauma

    A combination of telehealth coaching and web-based skills training can significantly improve clinical outcomes and social functioning for Veterans who have experienced military sexual trauma (MST), says a VA study published in October 2021 in the Journal of Rural Health.

  • Study finds strong tie between sexual trauma, suicidal thoughts in Veterans with no history of mental health care

    The researchers examined VA data on 41,658 Veterans (12.3% women) who had been screened for both military sexual trauma (MST) and suicidal ideation between 2008 and 2013, and who had no prior mental health visits or antidepressant medications in their electronic medical record.

  • Provider webinar: New Beyond MST mobile app enhances treatment for survivors

    This webinar will introduce Beyond MST, a new mobile mental health app designed for MST survivors and those who care for them.

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