• Why I get my health care at VA: Army Veteran Mitchell

    Army Veteran Mitchell “never knew how good VA was.” At a friend’s urging, he went to VA and doctors there doctors found a myelofibrosis disorder. Today, Mitchell believes “it’s a good thing I’m here.”

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Kim

    Army National Guard Veteran Kim wants others to know about VA health care: “I don't think a week goes by that I don't meet a female Veteran who is unaware of the services she can get through the VA.”

  • App helps Veterans manage chemotherapy symptoms

    Veterans with cancer can have adverse effects at home following chemotherapy. That’s why VA’s Minneapolis medical center is using Annie, VA’s text messaging system to help them manage those symptoms.

  • Bringing polytrauma hope and healing in Minneapolis

    From strokes to other major brain injuries, the Minneapolis polytrauma team provides world-class care unlike anything in the civilian community.

  • 3D technology expedites Veterans’ dental care

    VA is using 3D technology to create guides for dental implant placement and medical models that aid in surgical planning.

  • VA Minneapolis: Marine makes miracle brain injury recovery

    The crash killed her three friends, and almost killed her and her mom. Despite a severe brain injury, Olivia is coming back from the near-death crash.

  • Minneapolis VA opens Healing Center

    Minneapolis VA opens new “Integrative Center for Health & Healing”, part of VA’s new emphasis on “Veteran-Centric” care. Once considered “alternative” therapy, studies now show their effectiveness.

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