• Veterans in rural Montana receive COVID-19 vaccine via airplane delivery

    Veterans in rural Kalispell, Montana, received COVID-19 vaccines following an airplane delivery from Fort Harrison near Helena into Glacier Park International Airport Feb. 3.

  • Want to be a Wildland Firefighter? Montana is Training Veterans for Free

    Montana's Veterans Green Corps is training Veterans to become Wildland Firefighters to fight forest fires in all Veteran crews.

  • Veteran offers healthy holiday eating tips that won’t bring out your Grinch

    Jim Mullarkey has been attending MOVE weight management classes at the Montana VA with his wife, Marie, for over a year. Since starting the classes, they have lost a cumulative 32 pounds.

  • Ask a VA Recruiter: making the move to Montana

    If you’re looking for the chance to serve America’s Veterans—and […]

  • VHA Career Road Show, Part II: Rocky Mountain Network

    Did you know the Veterans Health Administration is divided into […]

  • VHA Career road show, Part III: Sunshine Network

    Ever wondered if Veterans living in the country can access […]

  • VHA Career road show, Part I: Pacific Northwest Network

    VA health care facilities are located across the country grouped […]

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