• Veterans Legacy Memorial honors the many who have served

    VLM's interactive features allow people to remember those who served by posting tributes and comments, uploading images and sharing a Veteran’s military service timeline, achievements, biographical information, historical documents and more.

  • Volunteers clean national cemeteries for National Day of Service Sept. 10

    Volunteers from across the U.S. gathered in 65 VA national cemeteries for a National Day of Service Sept. 10. The cleaning efforts included thousands of volunteers cleaning tens of thousands of graves, including 47 killed Sept. 11, 2001.

  • Veterans can help survivors plan ahead

    There are certain steps and helpful tools Veterans can take to plan ahead and help their survivors navigate VA when the inevitable comes.

  • Formerly homeless Veteran flourishes in job at national cemetery

    The Cemetery Apprenticeship Program trains Veterans to be caretakers at VA national cemeteries, performing a variety of grounds, equipment, and building maintenance duties.

  • #DesertStorm30: Remembering Them

    As we reflect back on Desert Storm and all those who served 30 years ago, let us take a moment to pause and remember the fallen. Below are names of 32 service members who were killed in action and buried in VA's national cemeteries. People can visit their virtual memorial by clicking on their name.

  • Wreaths Across America to go on in national cemeteries with COVID restrictions

    Veterans and their families can participate in Wreaths Across America in national cemeteries, but there will be restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Friendship in Death: The Nimitz Plot at Golden Gate National Cemetery

    Admiral Chester W. Nimitz decided that, in death, he wanted to join his men at Golden Gate with a standard military funeral and regulation headstone. He took steps to assure that the shipmates closest to him during World War II could join him.

  • Remembering Fort Gratiot’s July 1832 cholera victims

    Located in Port Huron, Michigan, Lakeside Cemetery Soldiers' Lot memorializes victims of a July 1832 Asiatic cholera outbreak.

  • Remembering the USS Indianapolis (CA 35) on its 75th Anniversary

    Shortly after completing a top-secret delivery of atomic bomb components to Tinian, the USS Indianapolis was struck by torpedo and sank 75 years ago today.

  • Preserving the legacy of Veterans buried in unmarked graves

    Preserving the legacy of Veterans who lay in unmarked gravesites happens all across the country. In fact, anyone can request a burial headstone or marker if the service of the Veteran ended prior to April 6, 1917.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Air Force Veteran Amerophan Callahan

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Air Force Veteran Amerophan Callahan, who served for 24 years and now works at the National Cemetery Administration.

  • They Served: The ‘Hello Girls’ of WWI and their sixty-year battle for recognition

    The Hello Girls were female telephone operators during WWI. This is their 60-year battle for federal recognition of their wartime contribution.

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