• Veterans in their 80s stay active with home exercise program

    Multidisciplinary team launched home exercise program combining strength-based training with education on the benefits of physical activity.

  • Hear Veterans’ stories of late-life PTSD

    This Talking Later podcast is about late-life PTSD and resilience, connection and making meaning. Hear Veterans share how they coped.

  • Physical therapy important for aging Veteran population

    Physical therapy is an alternative to surgery, prevents injury, reduces pain and restores independence, especially for older Veterans.

  • Homeless and Community Residential Care programs help older Veterans

    When this Marine Veteran was homeless, VA found him a home. After a house fire, VA was there again with programs for senior Veterans.

  • How VA connected with older Veterans during the pandemic

    How did VA respond to the needs of older Veterans during the COVID-19 pandemic? Like so many, we started by expanding communications.

  • Physical therapy program reduces chronic pain for older Veterans

    California VA physical therapy program combines exercises with instruction on the neuroscience of pain to help older Veterans increase mobility, reduce chronic pain and improve quality of life.

  • Expanding Advanced Care Planning for Veterans

    Life Sustaining Treatment Orders let Veterans tell their families their wishes for care at the end of life. Have these conversations in non-crisis times when patients have decision-making capacity.

  • Students’ nonprofit increases Veterans’ access to telehealth

    When four young adults heard their parents describe barriers older patients face with virtual appointments, they created a nonprofit to donate iPhones and iPads to help older Veterans access telehealth services.

  • Veterans: Exercise online at your pace on your schedule

    Gerofit is a personalized exercise program developed specifically for older Veterans. It’s available free, 24/7. It’s on the VA YouTube page. Here’s all the information you need to add some healthy active time to your day.

  • VA works to protect older Veterans from COVID-19 complications

    VA is taking action to ensure that all Veterans, including older Veterans, are protected from COVID-19 and receive high-quality testing and care, no matter who they are or where they get their care.

  • Birmingham VA garners “Age-Friendly Health System” recognition

    The Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative is helping hospitals and other care settings implement interventions specifically designed to improve care for older adults. Birmingham VA is leading the way.

  • Studies on VA medical foster homes show good outcomes for Vets

    VA medical foster homes are a sensible way to deliver 24/7 long-term care for Veterans, says Dr. Cari Levy of the Denver VA Medical Center. Her research has shown cost and mortality benefits, compared with conventional nursing home care.

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