• #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Norman Schwarzkopf

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran H. Norman Schwarzkopf, who is best known as “Stormin’ Norman,” the four-star general who led American forces to victory in Operation Desert Storm.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Navy Veteran Charles F. Sams III

    In celebration of National Park Week, today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Navy Veteran and National Park Service Director Charles F. Sams III. Sams served as mission planner during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Julie Butner

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran Julie Butner, who served as a commander during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Chuck Boers

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran Chuck Boers, who worked as a combat photographer during the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Janis Nark

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran Janis Nark, who served as a nurse during the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Navy Veteran John David Perez

    During Hispanic Heritage Month, today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Navy Veteran John David Perez, who retired after 30 years as a master chief petty officer.

  • Emotions run high as Veterans visit 9/11 memorial on eve of 20th anniversary of attacks

    Nearly 3,000 Americans perished on Sept. 11, 2001, in the deadliest attack ever on U.S. soil. The chilling day is simply known as 9/11.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Navy Veteran Charles Altman

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Navy Veteran Charles Altman, who served as a flight officer, attaché and educator during his nearly 30-year career.

  • Desert Storm Veteran in new battle with prostate cancer

    Today at age 56, Atkinson is fighting another battle—this time a case of aggressive prostate cancer. Thanks to treatment at the VA Portland Health Care System, his condition has improved dramatically in recent months through precision oncology—the molecular profiling of tumors to identify targetable alterations that can be treated therapeutically. Most recently, his PSA level had plummeted to 0.2, after a high of 115 in December.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Navy Veteran Dorothy Angela Ryan

    On the anniversary of the end of Desert Storm’s ground war, today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Navy Veteran Dorothy Angela Ryan, who served in the war.

  • #DesertStorm30: God Bless the U.S.A.

    During Operation Desert Storm, there was an anthem that came to define the war: Lee Greenwood's country song "God Bless the U.S.A." When Greenwood originally released the song in 1984, it was moderately successful. The song peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart July 28, 1984. However, the song took on a renewed life during Operation Desert Storm.

  • #DesertStorm30: First-hand account

    Gary Kunich originally wrote this first-hand account the morning after Desert Storm started, when he was a 21-year-old Air Force sergeant. It’s 11:55 p.m., Jan. 16. The clock continues ticking past the United Nations’ deadline for Iraq to leave Kuwait. While the world holds its breath in anticipation of war, F-16s sit silently on a quiet runway. Will these mighty, Fighting Falcons fly into combat tonight? If they do, when?

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