• Nurses team up to improve Veteran safety

    Two VA nurses joined forces to help staff and residents at NJ State Veterans Homes in Paramus and Menlo Park. Part of VA’s Fourth mission to support the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Partnership showcases VA’s supply chain management

    VA health care supply chain and medical logistician professionals move life-saving PPE to health care workers where it was most needed. The Secretary’s Center for Strategic Partnerships made it happen.

  • Muskogee VA volunteers begin return to health care facility

    Volunteers at the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center are now able to return. “When they called me, I jumped at the chance right away. I missed being here.” New safety measures have been put in place.

  • VA secures scarce PPE through strategic partnerships

    A first-of-its-kind strategic partnership has resulted in massive shipments of personal protective equipment (PPE) to VA health care facilities, helping to continue to protect our Veterans and staff.

  • Stopping the spread: pathogens meet their match

    Infection preventionists ensure all necessary steps are taken to prevent and control transmission of disease. Veteran patients don’t see them at the bed side, but they are saving lives every day.

  • Nurse pauses her retirement to help during COVID-19

    Denise Dulude retired in January 2020 after 37 years with VA. Then her former supervisor called and asked if she wanted to come back. “Of course. If I can help, I want to be there.”

  • VA secures personal protective equipment through New Hampshire connection

    A FedEx cargo plane arrived at Manchester Airport stocked to the brim with 110,000 pounds of PPE destined for frontline health care workers.

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