• PTSD: When someone shares a trauma

    You may not know what to say when someone you care about shares a PTSD trauma story. Learn tips to have a conversation that offers support.

  • Opening the Door: Talking about your trauma story

    Knowing if, when, and how to share your trauma story takes some thought. Disclosing trauma with someone you trust can help you recover.

  • Stronger on the other side: Post-traumatic growth

    These Veterans developed PTSD from their military experiences. But they also share something extraordinary: They’ve come out the other side with a renewed sense of life and purpose.

  • How a Vietnam Veteran overcame PTSD and survivor’s guilt

    Air Force and Vietnam War Veteran Dave Hanson came home to flashbacks, nightmares, and more. Here, he recounts how VA treatment helped him to recover.

  • 8 Things to Know About PTSD

    Here are 8 things to know about PTSD and effective treatments from VA’s National Center for PTSD.

  • PTSD Awareness Month

    Knowing if you have PTSD is the first step to getting effective treatment. So, it is important to talk with a doctor if you think you have symptoms.

  • Veterans find healing, recovery in the surf during National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic

    The first day at the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic […]

  • Minneapolis VA opens Healing Center

    Minneapolis VA opens new “Integrative Center for Health & Healing”, part of VA’s new emphasis on “Veteran-Centric” care. Once considered “alternative” therapy, studies now show their effectiveness.

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