• Vets invited to Gulf War Illnesses Research Committee Veteran engagement sessions

    If you are a 1990-91 Gulf War Veteran with questions or concerns about Gulf War Illness, you’re invited to join research committee sessions.

  • Farms and Gardens Program is therapeutic outlet for Wisconsin Veterans

    The Farms and Gardens program at Madison VA encourages Veterans to use gardening as a productive outlet to help maintain a fulfilling life.

  • Tai Chi provides Veterans unique and dynamic experience

    Tai Chi improves aerobic capacity, strength, stress management, quality of life and pain management. Two Veterans explain how it has helped them.

  • Veteran changes his life with support of Whole Health coach

    After foot surgeries, sciatic nerve issues and years of smoking, Veteran James Mitchell was using a walker, was stressed out, and life was at its lowest point. Then he started his Whole Health journey.

  • Bone health information for Veterans

    Osteoporosis is concerning for many women, especially post-menopause. It can also affect men later in life. It is not a normal part of aging. Medication is the primary management tool for osteoporosis.

  • COPD rehabilitation in Veterans’ homes bolstered by VA Video Connect

    Louisiana Veterans with COPD can now receive pulmonary rehabilitation treatment in their homes with VA’s Video Connect. Mary Labiche and Zina White started the program and hold weekly sessions.

  • Study: Favorable outcomes for Veterans who receive kidney transplant care in VA

    Study identified Veterans who had kidney transplants between 2008 and 2016 and were enrolled in VA and Medicare at the time of their transplant…and had their choice of where to receive transplant care.

  • Physical therapy program reduces chronic pain for older Veterans

    California VA physical therapy program combines exercises with instruction on the neuroscience of pain to help older Veterans increase mobility, reduce chronic pain and improve quality of life.

  • Just released: New overweight/obesity guidelines

    VA’s MOVE! team helped update the VA-DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines. Veterans can be confident that VA regularly evaluates the evidence for the care they provide. It’s available online.

  • Veterans: Stressed over coronavirus?

    The coronavirus outbreak can increase stress and anxiety. Dealing with that stress can improve your health, quality of life, and wellbeing. Here are some expert suggestions for you and your family.

  • Veteran gets VA health care at home

    Even though he can’t drive, Marine Veteran Kenneth Schmitt receives VA primary care through home-based primary care, which allows Veterans to remain at home as they face aging and chronic disease.

  • World No Tobacco Day: Better Starts Today

    For this year's World No Tobacco Day, VA's Better Starts Today campaign highlights some of the mental, emotional and physical benefits of tobacco cessation.

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