• Genetic testing – the new standard in treatment for advanced prostate cancer

    Genetic testing looks for variations in a person’s genes. Finding gene variations can help with decisions about cancer treatment. Finding gene variations can also help to understand why cancer developed and how best to find cancers early or to prevent them altogether.

  • VA researchers striving to improve detection of kidney disease

    His first big paper on cystatin C appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2005. Shlipak and his team found that elevated blood levels of cystatin C accurately predict higher risks of heart disease, stroke, and death among elderly people with no known kidney problems. The creatinine test misses those risks almost entirely, according to the researchers.

  • VA, non-VA cardiac rehab provide similar benefits

    VA and non-VA cardiac rehabilitation programs offer similar benefits, found a VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) study.

  • Milwaukee and Madison VA team up for tai chi seminar, promote healing, mental clarity

    Milwaukee VA, Madison VA, other community partners, team up for three-day tai chi seminar to promote healing and mental clarity.

  • Philippine Scout, Army Veteran shares story of his escape from the Bataan Death March

    Amado Ante enlisted with the Philippine Scouts in February 1941 at the age of 22. Just five months later, he joins the 12th Quartermaster Regiment, Company B, supporting the U.S. Army's Philippine Division.

  • Most VA services continue uninterrupted in Northern California fire zones

    The operating status of VA facilities remains fluid at this time as services and closures can change throughout the day.

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