• Loneliness: Shining a spotlight on an enduring epidemic

    Loneliness can be a risk factor for dementia, stroke and heart disease. It also can increase risk of depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

  • The Greatest Mission: Caring for those at risk of homelessness

    The mission of the Errera Community Care Center is to help individuals struggling with homelessness to live successfully in their communities.

  • New Fort Smith clinic opens for Arkansas River Valley Veterans

    New 34,000-square-foot Fort Smith clinic replaces a 19,000-square-foot location; will serve 10,000 Veterans with a variety of new services.

  • Providence VA opens Capt. John H. Harwood Research Center

    Researchers working on interventions to reduce Veteran suicide, substance abuse, depression in elderly Veterans and other health care issues.

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Navy Veteran Kenneth

    Homeless, Kenneth came to VA for help. His journey of recovery began with a VA residential treatment program for drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Chats with the Chief: VA researcher Dr. Terry Keane talks about his career in PTSD research

    In this week’s Chats with the Chief, VHA Chief of Staff Jon Jensen talks PTSD with Dr. Terry Keane of the VA National Center for PTSD.

  • Report links substance use and suicide among Veterans, offers support

    While the public is aware of some key risk factors for suicide among Veterans, they are often unaware of the devastating relationship between substance use and suicide.

  • Creative arts therapy – promoting health for Veterans

    VA’s Recreation Therapy Service helps Veterans deal with challenges. Here are some creative examples of how it works for these Veterans.

  • Milwaukee Veterans Treatment Court

    Veterans Treatment Court allows qualified Veterans to minimize or get dismissed legal charges by addressing the problems that led to run-ins with the law. “We focus on treatment rather than punishment.”

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Army Veteran Angie

    Angie was sexually assaulted while serving in the Army and for 10 years used alcohol and drugs to cope with the resulting PTSD. She sought help from VA and was in treatment within a week.

  • VA’s Whole Health proves life changing for Navy Veteran

    Whole Health centers around what matters to you, not what is the matter with you. Veteran David Muniz shares his experience with Whole Health and why he is now a Whole Health coach, helping other Veterans.

  • Horses, homeless Veterans, learning to connect and trust

    Homeless Veterans discover the deep bonds humans and horses form through a unique form of interaction. The language of touch. Here’s how the basic emotion of trust helped these heroes.

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