• ICYMI: YouTube Live event kicks off Mental Health Month

    Mental Health Month: two Veterans and a doctor held a panel on YouTube to discuss what mental health can, should and does mean to our nation’s Veterans.

  • Help Veterans find healing through music and art

    Many Veterans living with PTSD are discovering the healing powers […]

  • PTSD and marriage: Advice from someone who’s been there

    Here are the very first steps to take if your marriage is facing PTSD, from someone who is living it each day.

  • Latest exhibit from VA arts program builds Veterans’ confidence and public awareness

    Recently visitors to Microsoft’s flagship Manhattan store got a glimpse into the world of the American Veteran.

  • Twitter chat recap: VHA opportunities for new graduates

    Twitter Chat Attracts health care candidates. VA Careers recently hosted […]

  • Finding Solace in Companion Dogs

    Marion VA Medical Center's new pilot program focuses on a dog's companionship and therapeutic potential and the benefits they offer to Veterans.

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