• Helping transgender Veterans find their voice

    For Veterans in gender transition, finding their voice can be enhanced with the help of specially trained speech-language pathologists.

  • Unpacking the Story of Transgender Veterans

    TA-NET is a therapeutic approach for Gender Diverse and Transgender Veterans that puts emphasis on sharing personal narrative holistically.

  • Sheri Swokowski: American Hero

    Retired Army Col. Sheri Swokowski is the highest-ranking, out transgender U.S. Veteran in the United States. Today, she advocates for LGBTQ+ Veterans.

  • LGBT health care for the Veteran you are

    LGBT Veterans choose to receive health care through VA because they find inclusive and affirming quality care from supportive providers. Every facility has an LGBT Veteran care coordinator.

  • LGBT Veterans describe VA care, provide advice for others

    Navy Veteran Marilu Fanning and Army Veteran Dylan Liebhart have followed different journeys through life. Different upbringings, generations and military services. Yet, the two share a passion for helping fellow Veterans receive the care they’ve earned. They have advice for fellow LGBT and Related Identities Veterans.

  • Visibility and care for those who served in the shadows

    VA North Texas is committed to serving the needs of its LGBTQ population. There are approximately one million lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/or questioning (LGBTQ) Veterans in the US.

  • Secretary orders review of VA’s transgender policies

    Earlier this week, Secretary Denis McDonough ordered a review of VA policies to ensure that transgender Veterans and employees do not face discrimination on the basis of their gender identity and expression.

  • Paula M. Neira: Navy, Nurse, Lawyer

    Paula M. Neira believes that her greatest service for the country and the Navy has come after she put away her uniform. Before she became a nurse, lawyer and advocate, she was an officer in the Navy. Neira had to sacrifice her naval career when she accepted that her gender identity didn’t align with the sex assigned at birth.

  • Army Veteran shares story during Transgender Awareness Week

    For 39 years, not a single soul knew of her secret. Finally, free to be who she has always longed to be, Army Veteran Francis Garcia is now able to express her true and pure self. “Since I was very young, I had no idea what being transgender was, all I know is I would go to bed and ask God – God wake me up as a girl," Garcia said. "I would pray and pray and wake up each time as not a girl."

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