• Your military service leads the way with Veterans’ Recruitment Appointment

    Under the Veterans’ Recruitment Appointment, agencies like VA can move qualified Veterans to the front of the line for certain positions.

  • VA police officers demonstrate their dedication, on and off the job

    With a combination of police training and military experience, these officers show that service to others doesn’t end when the uniform comes off.

  • Enhance care for women Veterans with your VA career

    With ongoing investments in hiring and support, VA is addressing the need to better serve women Veterans head-on.

  • Every day is Veterans Day at VA

    As we celebrate Veterans Day this week, there is no […]

  • Win the job search race with these 4 effective habits

    A job search is like a marathon. And just like […]

  • Making the most of your service: How Veterans’ preference works for you

    Want to work at VA? We help you break down the rules of Veterans’ preference, which can help you secure federal employment.

  • Applying for a VA job? Here’s how to keep your application forms in order

    If you’re applying for a VA job, you’ve probably already […]

  • Level up! Navigate the General Schedule (GS) system and find a VA career

    If you’re a Veteran looking for your first civilian career at VA, you might have seen the term General Schedule (GS) in our job ads. What is it, and what does it mean for you?

  • Six old school job search tips to forget – and one to remember

    As you begin your VA career search, learn which tried-and-true job search tips you should leave behind.

  • Every day is Hire a Veteran Day at VA

    This weekend marks the fifth annual Hire a Veteran Day, […]

  • From corpsman to ICT, Veteran continues his career rise with VA

    Marzell Scott is the first candidate chosen for the VANEEP Scholarship Pilot pathway for ICTs.

  • 5 questions you should ask before going back to school

    If you’re on the fence about whether to continue your education, consider these five questions before taking the leap back into school.

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